Perma-straight columns are partially treated, laminated posts that are straighter, stronger and lighter than solid-sawn posts. They are designed specifically for the post-frame industry. The laminating process ensures strength, dimensional stability and less waste, which provides a lower installed cost. Conventional solid sawn sections are typically supplied as “green” timbers. Because Perma-Straight columns are manufactured with “dry” lumber (approximately 16% moisture content), they have excellent dimensional stability and are less susceptible to checking and splitting. The bottom sections of Perma-Straight columns (6 to 8 feet) are treated with a .60 CCA (copper, chromium and arsenate) preservative, which renders the wood inedible by termites and fungi while adding aesthetic appeal. All posts are certified by the American Plywood Association and hold their Engineered Wood Systems trademark.


Perma-Straight Columns

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ICC-ES Evaluation Report

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Install Notes

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