Pre-Built Stairs

Pre-Built Stairs

Stark Truss also provides pre-manufactured wood stairs, which are shipped to your project site fully assembled as a complete unit and can be attached to any standard framing. The pre-manufactured stairs save time and money by eliminating carpenter labor and offering easy installation.

Stark Truss’ pre-built stairs are highly customizable and can be built to meet any specifications, no matter how complex. Pre-built stair units are available in yellow pine, oak, poplar and other treated lumber. We have experience technicians who will help you measure your stair dimensions so we can build precise units for your project.  


Pre-Built Stairs Flyer

This document contains pre-built stairs product benefits and has a form that may be used to place an order.

Download PDF (342 KB)

Installation Guide

This document contains information on installing the pre-built stairway.

Download PDF (110 KB)